After completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Writing, I spent a decade teaching Cataloguing and Bibliography. You can see a selection of my academic output via ORCID and in the Beginning Cataloguing publications list.

Working freelance now, I am building up my portfolio of essays and reviews, while completing a couple of book contracts.



Practical Cataloguing for the Hybrid Environment

Issues surrounding the many options in RDA have been the subject of much discussion, unease and concern within the cataloguing community. Consistency of entry and predictability of search have long been the goals of user-focused catalogues. This book explores some of the significant current challenges, using a wide range of international sources to answer the many questions asked by current cataloguers, including:
• what are the increased decision-making powers of the cataloguer based on RDA?

Practical Cataloguing (London: Facet, 2012)

The first book to deal with new international cataloguing standard Resource Description and Access (RDA), Practical Cataloguing has sold tens of thousands of copies across Europe and beyond. A set text on iSchool courses for Cataloguing and Knowledge Organization. Paperback and ebook available from the publisher.
• the FRBRization of the catalogue
• RDA: the new standard, its development, structure and features
• AACR and RDA: the similarities and differences between the two standards
• bringing

Practical Cataloguing (Chicago: Neal Schuman, 2012)

The key topics are, of course, identical to those in the Facet edition. On their website, Neal Schuman provide a fuller list of contents, including a useful list of the example records in Chapter 10:
• Sample records for Derek Adams Unconcerned but not indifferent. Colchester: Ninth Arrondissement, 2006
• Sample records for Jasmine Ann Cooray Everything we don’t say. London: Tall Lighthouse, 2009
• Sample records for Henry Charles Moore Noble deeds of the world’s heroines. London: Religious Trac

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Keeping the Conversation Going

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Discovery of Less: Interview with Chris Lovett

In October, the APDO Book Club hosted an online workshop led by Chris Lovett, the author of Discovery of Less (Less is Progress, 2021). In it, Chris not only read from his book, but shared his further adventures in minimalism. As well as being a lot of fun, this evening was a reminder to us that “having a minimalist mindset is only a tool, it’s not an outcome” (Discovery of Less, pp. 217-218). In this blog post by Book Club organisers, Nicola Austin and Anne Welsh, Chris answers five questions put to him by Nicola.

Find Your Flow and Choose Happy: Interview with Sarah Gregg

Find Your Flow and Choose Happy: Interview with Sarah Gregg

In August, the APDO Book Club hosted an online workshop led by Sarah Gregg, the author of Find Your Flow (Rock Point, 2020) and Choose Happy (Rock Point, 2021). In it, Sarah shared her 1-2-3-Flow method and discussed how we can use positive psychology methods and her journaling system ourselves and with our clients. In this blog post, Sarah answers five questions put to her by Book Club Co-organiser Anne Welsh (Beginning Cataloguing –

It Takes an Information Community to Raise a Business

With some people working from home, some wanting to leave face-to-face services with customers who are not compliant with social distancing rules, and some staring down the barrel of redundancy, there have possibly never been more information professionals contemplating self-employment. Here are some tips and resources from my experience this year setting up Beginning Cataloguing.

The Information Is Out There

Here’s the good news: There’s not been a question I’ve had about setting up a busines